Lindsay Farm HB Ltd recolhe os Lindsay Farm Brand Organic Raw Milk (Unpasteurised) porque possivelmente existir riscos alimentares


N.º de Ref. 221/2023
Origem da informação Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), New Zealand
Tipos de Informações Retirada de Alimentos
Alimento suspeito

Product type

Raw (unpasteurised) drinking milk

Name of product (size)

Lindsay Farm brand Organic Raw Milk (unpasteurised) 2L

Package size and description

The product is sold in a plastic 2L bottle.


The product has not been exported.

This recall does not affect any other batches of Lindsay Farm brand Organic Raw Milk (unpasteurised) or any batches of Lindsay Farm brand Organic Pasteurised Whole Milk.

Data de validade / Referência ao lote

Batch marking

Lot Numbers : 0806, 0906,1006, 1106,1206, 1306, 1406, 1506, 1606, 1906, 2006, 2106, 2206, 2306, 2406, 2506, 2606, 2706

Date marking

Use by date between 12.06.2023 and up to and including 01.07.2023.

Produtor / distribuidor Lindsay Farm HB Ltd
Motivo de retirada do mercado As the product may contain Campylobacter.
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