Choya Brand Plum Wine May Contain Extraneous Material (Versão Inglesa)


Ref. N° : 014/DSA/2023

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Alimento suspeitoProduct name: さらりとした梅酒
Brand: Choya
Pack size: 300ml
Barcode: 4905846117188
Data de durabilidade / LoteLot Number:
1. NS24C#
2. NS09E#
*#にはI~Sのいずれかのアルファベットが印字されます。(* # Can be printed as any alphabets between I~S.)
Origem da informaçãoConsumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan
Motivo da Emissão de AlertaThe Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan announced that the above-mentioned batch of product may contain glass particles, and it is being recalled.
Conselhos para o sector comercial /consumidor1. Please take necessary actions to ensure all products for sale are fit for human consumption.
2. Do not sell or use the above product.
3. Please visit the Food Safety Information website at for latest information.                 
4. If there are any enquiries, please contact the Department of Food Safety via 28338181.
Instituto para os Assuntos Municipais
Departamento de Segurança Alimentar