Title Date
Facilitating measures for Macao residents of In-Depth Cooperation Zone to transport animals and plants of certain species and quantities back to Macao through Hengqin port 19/02/2024
First week of registration system for retail establishments of fresh and live food being in force IAM continues to strengthen hygiene inspections of establishments and law enforcement 08/02/2024
IAM holds briefing to explain to the sector about points to note for retail sale of “fresh chickens” 01/02/2024
IAM and Mainland customs optimise border crossing and inspection procedures First batch of “fresh chickens” to be supplied to Macao on 2 February 31/01/2024
IAM promotes public understanding as “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food” comes into effect next month 24/01/2024
IAM to hold briefings on “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food” and members of the industry are welcome to register for participation 12/01/2024
New arrangement for expanding scope of raw materials of food products for export to Mainland China comes into force today 30/11/2023
IAM leads delegation to attend Guangdong-Macao Food Safety Regulation and Exchange Forum in Guangdong 10/11/2023
IAM steps up inspection of food and beverage establishments for good food safety management during festivals and holiday 29/09/2023
IAM organises seminar on radioactive contamination and food safety to deepen public’s scientific knowledge 27/09/2023
IAM organises exchange meeting for souvenirs and specialty food sector to support the city’s development as a city of gastronomy 22/09/2023
Macao to ban import of aquatic food products, meat, vegetables and fruits from 10 prefectures and regions of Japan from tomorrow 23/08/2023
Response to Japan’s announcement of launch of discharge of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean 22/08/2023
IAM attends Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Sanitary Inspection, Animal and Plant Inspection and Food Safety Control Conference 2023 14/07/2023
Over 3,700 takeaway establishments issued with registration certificates and 5 prosecuted for violating regulations 13/07/2023
IAM invites experts to discuss food safety issues and promotes synergistic development of food markets in Greater Bay Area 13/06/2023
IAM holds food sector exchange meetings for building a joint food safety system 12/06/2023
IAM introduces “mystery shoppers” for random food inspections to further monitor hygienic quality 08/06/2023
IAM calls on the public to stop consuming a jam product that may have been contaminated with mould 07/06/2023
IAM held briefing to explain application for license for retail establishments of vegetables, fish and meat 24/05/2023
IAM organises a series of activities for World Food Safety Day to facilitate government-community cooperation in safeguarding food safety 19/05/2023
IAM updates food database and collects information until end of June 15/05/2023
IAM organises the Macao food sector to visit Guangdong for exchange of experience on food safety management 03/05/2023
Views on standards for use of food additives are being collected until Friday and sector is welcome to give views 07/03/2023
Food Safety Law, Standards & Guidelines 19/01/2015