Title Date
IAM announces the results of targeted surveillance of commercially available prepared food and all samples have passed the tests 07/06/2024
Experts from multiple regions gather in food safety symposium to jointly promote regional food safety exchange and development 07/06/2024
IAM holds food safety sharing session to help local food sector open up Mainland market 06/06/2024
GACC talks with local youth to exchange ideas on food safety issues and deepen national education 06/06/2024
Photography exhibition “25th Anniversary of Supply of Agricultural Food Products from the Mainland to Macao” inaugurated today 05/06/2024
Newly revised “Standards for the Use of Food Additives in Food” has come into force for food sector to operate in compliance with the law 01/05/2024
IAM urges the public not to consume an alcoholic drink that may pose safety risks 11/04/2024
【Equipped for hospitality】“Behind the Scenes of Star Cuisine” Workshop Series unfolds to support professional enhancement and sustainable development 22/03/2024
IAM inspects random samples of food products made in Portuguese-speaking countries and all passed the test 08/03/2024
IAM urges the public not to consume a sausage product from the United States that may contain rubber pieces 08/03/2024
IAM to hold briefings on Standard for Uses of Food Additives in Foodstuffs this month Helping local food sector enhance production technologies as well as product safety and quality 05/03/2024
Facilitating measures for Macao residents of In-Depth Cooperation Zone to transport animals and plants of certain species and quantities back to Macao through Hengqin port 19/02/2024
First week of registration system for retail establishments of fresh and live food being in force IAM continues to strengthen hygiene inspections of establishments and law enforcement 08/02/2024
First batch of about 2,000 fresh chickens has arrived in Macao for sale 02/02/2024
IAM holds briefing to explain to the sector about points to note for retail sale of “fresh chickens” 01/02/2024
Delegation for ensuring supply from Mainland carries out field study in Macao to ensure safe and stable supply of agricultural products to Macao 01/02/2024
IAM and Mainland customs optimise border crossing and inspection procedures First batch of “fresh chickens” to be supplied to Macao on 2 February 31/01/2024
IAM promotes public understanding as “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food” comes into effect next month 24/01/2024
IAM to hold briefings on “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food” and members of the industry are welcome to register for participation 12/01/2024
New arrangement for expanding scope of raw materials of food products for export to Mainland China comes into force today 30/11/2023
IAM leads delegation to attend Guangdong-Macao Food Safety Regulation and Exchange Forum in Guangdong 10/11/2023
IAM signs memorandum of cooperation with Gongbei Customs District on joint supervision of safety of aquatic food animals supplied to Macao 01/11/2023
IAM steps up inspection of food and beverage establishments for good food safety management during festivals and holiday 29/09/2023
IAM organises seminar on radioactive contamination and food safety to deepen public’s scientific knowledge 27/09/2023
IAM organises exchange meeting for souvenirs and specialty food sector to support the city’s development as a city of gastronomy 22/09/2023
Macao to ban import of aquatic food products, meat, vegetables and fruits from 10 prefectures and regions of Japan from tomorrow 23/08/2023
Response to Japan’s announcement of launch of discharge of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean 22/08/2023
IAM attends Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Sanitary Inspection, Animal and Plant Inspection and Food Safety Control Conference 2023 14/07/2023
Over 3,700 takeaway establishments issued with registration certificates and 5 prosecuted for violating regulations 13/07/2023
IAM invites experts to discuss food safety issues and promotes synergistic development of food markets in Greater Bay Area 13/06/2023
IAM holds food sector exchange meetings for building a joint food safety system 12/06/2023
IAM introduces “mystery shoppers” for random food inspections to further monitor hygienic quality 08/06/2023
IAM calls on the public to stop consuming a jam product that may have been contaminated with mould 07/06/2023
IAM organises a series of activities for World Food Safety Day to facilitate government-community cooperation in safeguarding food safety 19/05/2023
IAM updates food database and collects information until end of June 15/05/2023
IAM organises the Macao food sector to visit Guangdong for exchange of experience on food safety management 03/05/2023
Views on standards for use of food additives are being collected until Friday and sector is welcome to give views 07/03/2023