IAM organises seminar on radioactive contamination and food safety to deepen public’s scientific knowledge


In response to Japan's discharge of nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the ocean, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) recently organised a seminar on “radioactive contamination and food safety” designated for the public to enhance their understanding of risks by explaining the relationship between radioactive contamination and food safety. Relevant gatekeeping measures such as the two-tiered food control mechanism are also introduced in detail to the public so that they can comprehensively learn about the series of food safety regulatory measures implemented in Macao. About 100 residents attended the seminar.
During the seminar, IAM representatives introduced the relationship between radioactive contamination and food safety, as well as how the human body is affected once radioactive contaminated food is consumed. The public were also reminded to treat food safety risk issues scientifically and rationally in their daily lives. The seminar garnered an enthusiastic response from the attendees. IAM hoped that the public can enhance their awareness of food safety and jointly safeguard food safety and personal health through learning about popular scientific knowledge of food safety in a relaxing and interactive way and applying the knowledge in their daily life.
In response to the discharge of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the ocean, import of live and fresh food products, food products of animal origin, sea salt and seaweed from 10 regions and prefectures including Fukushima Prefecture is banned from 24 August 2023 in accordance with Chief Executive Writ of Instruction no. 134/2023. Therefore, IAM has continuously monitored the radiation level in food on the levels of import inspections and market retail to ensure the food safety of Japanese food products imported into Macao through the stringent two-tiered gatekeeping measures. IAM has tested the radiation level of 31,877 samples of Japanese food products imported into Macao as of 25 September, and no abnormalities were observed.
To enhance the public's understanding of radioactive contamination and food safety, IAM has set up a dedicated webpage on “Radioactive Contamination and Food Safety” on the Food Safety Information Website www.foodsafety.gov.mo to provide the public with the relevant laws and regulations and popular scientific knowledge. In addition, data of tests conducted on Japanese food products by Macao are updated daily. The public are welcome to log on to the dedicated webpage to learn about and obtain the most detailed food safety information.​