Food Inspection

In accordance with Law No. 7/2003 ‘Foreign Trade Law’ amended by Law No. 3/2016, and Chief Executive’s Decision No. 209/2021, imported fresh food and food of animal origin are subject to be mandatory received quarantine inspection at the entry. Importer should make an appointment for advance declaration, submit valid health certificates issued by the originating country’s authority, and provide other relevant information to the sanitary and phytosanitary measures for verification.
The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has a system for checking, testing and monitoring fresh food and food of animal origin at the import level. Once the imported food arrive at Macao, IAM’s veterinarians and inspectors conduct hygiene inspections and examine the food products at different quarantine points of entry, including the Border Gate Inspection Station, Fisheries Inspection Station and other Inspection Stations at New Wholesale Market, Slaughterhouses, Ferry Terminals, Airport, Deep-water Port, etc. Only the qualified products are permitted to be released into the market so as to ensure the quality and safety of food for public consumption.
Formalities Required for Food Importation:

Those who engaged in establishments for sale of fresh food or food of animal origin (e.g. vegetables, fish and meat) in Macao must obtain the respective retail licenses.
Formalities Required for Licensing of Retail Establishment:

Pre-application Technical Consulting Service for Licensing of Retail Establishments of Live and Fresh Food Products:

For details on the application procedures, the appointment for quarantine service as well as the list of fees, please refer to the ‘Food Safety Information’ website of IAM or call the Division of Food Inspection of the Department of Food Safety at 2852 6943 or 2833 7676 for enquiries.
Food Import Control Related Laws, Regulations and Measures:
For details about the laws, regulations and measures of food import, please visit the designated webpages on ‘Administrative Procedures’ and ‘Legislation’ of the ‘Food Safety Information’ website.