*The content of this online food safety standard database includes the Administrative Regulation No. 13/2013“Maximum Residue Limits of Veterinary Drugs in Foodstuffs”. In case of doubt or discrepancy between the content in the database and the administrative regulation, the latter shall prevail.

Name Animal Type Part for eat Max Usage(Unit)
Benzylpenicillin Cattle Muscle 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Cattle Kidney 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Cattle Liver 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Cattle Milk 4 μg/L
Benzylpenicillin Pig Muscle 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Pig Kidney 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Pig Liver 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Chicken Muscle 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Chicken Kidney 50 μg/kg
Benzylpenicillin Chicken Liver 50 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Cattle Milk 100 μg/L
Ceftiofur Cattle Muscle 1000 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Cattle Kidney 6000 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Cattle Liver 2000 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Cattle Fat 2000 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Pig Kidney 6000 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Pig Liver 2000 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Pig Muscle 1000 μg/kg
Ceftiofur Pig Fat 2000 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Cattle Muscle 200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Cattle Liver 600 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Cattle Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Cattle Milk 100 μg/L
Chlortetracycline Pig Muscle 200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Pig Liver 600 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Pig Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Sheep Muscle 200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Sheep Liver 600 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Sheep Milk 100 μg/L
Chlortetracycline Sheep Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Poultry Muscle 200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Poultry Liver 600 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Poultry Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Poultry Eggs 400 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Fish Muscle 200 μg/kg
Chlortetracycline Prawn Muscle 200 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Cattle Milk 0.05 μg/L
Clenbuterol Cattle Kidney 0.6 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Cattle Liver 0.6 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Cattle Muscle 0.2 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Cattle Fat 0.2 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Horse Liver 0.6 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Horse Fat 0.2 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Horse Muscle 0.2 μg/kg
Clenbuterol Horse Kidney 0.6 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Cattle Muscle 200 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Cattle Kidney 400 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Cattle Liver 400 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Cattle Fat 100 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Pig Muscle 100 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Pig Kidney 200 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Pig Fat 100 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Chicken Muscle 200 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Chicken Kidney 400 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Chicken Liver 400 μg/kg
Danofloxacin Chicken Fat 100 μg/kg
Flumequine Cattle Muscle 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Cattle Kidney 3000 μg/kg
Flumequine Cattle Liver 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Cattle Fat 1000 μg/kg
Flumequine Pig Muscle 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Pig Kidney 3000 μg/kg
Flumequine Pig Liver 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Pig Fat 1000 μg/kg
Flumequine Sheep Muscle 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Sheep Kidney 3000 μg/kg
Flumequine Sheep Liver 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Sheep Fat 1000 μg/kg
Flumequine Chicken Muscle 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Chicken Kidney 3000 μg/kg
Flumequine Chicken Liver 500 μg/kg
Flumequine Chicken Fat 1000 μg/kg
Flumequine Trout Muscle 500 μg/kg
Gentamicin Cattle Muscle 100 μg/kg
Gentamicin Cattle Kidney 5000 μg/kg
Gentamicin Cattle Liver 2000 μg/kg
Gentamicin Cattle Fat 100 μg/kg
Gentamicin Cattle Milk 200 μg/L
Gentamicin Pig Muscle 100 μg/kg
Gentamicin Pig Kidney 5000 μg/kg
Gentamicin Pig Liver 2000 μg/kg
Gentamicin Pig Fat 100 μg/kg
Ivermectin Cattle Liver 100 μg/kg
Ivermectin Cattle Fat 40 μg/kg
Ivermectin Cattle Milk 10 μg/L
Ivermectin Pig Liver 15 μg/kg
Ivermectin Pig Fat 20 μg/kg
Ivermectin Sheep Liver 15 μg/kg
Ivermectin Sheep Fat 20 μg/kg
Lincomycin Cattle Milk 150 μg/L
Lincomycin Pig Muscle 200 μg/kg
Lincomycin Pig Kidney 1500 μg/kg
Lincomycin Pig Liver 500 μg/kg
Lincomycin Pig Fat 100 μg/kg
Lincomycin Chicken Muscle 200 μg/kg
Lincomycin Chicken Kidney 500 μg/kg
Lincomycin Chicken Liver 500 μg/kg
Lincomycin Chicken Fat 100 μg/kg
Neomycin Cattle Muscle 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Cattle Kidney 10000 μg/kg
Neomycin Cattle Liver 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Cattle Fat 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Cattle Milk 1500 μg/L
Neomycin Pig Muscle 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Pig Kidney 10000 μg/kg
Neomycin Pig Liver 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Pig Fat 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Sheep Muscle 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Sheep Kidney 10000 μg/kg
Neomycin Sheep Liver 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Sheep Fat 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Goat Muscle 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Goat Kidney 10000 μg/kg
Neomycin Goat Liver 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Goat Fat 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Chicken Muscle 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Chicken Kidney 10000 μg/kg
Neomycin Chicken Liver 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Chicken Fat 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Turkey Muscle 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Turkey Kidney 10000 μg/kg
Neomycin Turkey Liver 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Turkey Fat 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Duck Muscle 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Duck Kidney 10000 μg/kg
Neomycin Duck Liver 500 μg/kg
Neomycin Duck Fat 500 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Cattle Muscle 200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Cattle Liver 600 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Cattle Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Cattle Milk 100 μg/L
Oxytetracycline Pig Muscle 200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Pig Liver 600 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Pig Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Sheep Muscle 200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Sheep Liver 600 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Sheep Milk 100 μg/L
Oxytetracycline Sheep Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Poultry Muscle 200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Poultry Liver 600 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Poultry Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Poultry Eggs 400 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Fish Muscle 200 μg/kg
Oxytetracycline Prawn Muscle 200 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Cattle Liver 40 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Cattle Kidney 90 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Cattle Muscle 10 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Cattle Fat 10 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Pig Liver 40 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Pig Kidney 90 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Pig Muscle 10 μg/kg
Ractopamine hydrochloride Pig Fat 10 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Chicken Muscle 10 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Chicken Kidney 80 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Chicken Liver 80 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Chicken Fat 20 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Turkey Muscle 10 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Turkey Kidney 80 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Turkey Liver 80 μg/kg
Sarafloxacin Turkey Fat 20 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Cattle Muscle 500 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Cattle Kidney 5000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Cattle Liver 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Cattle Fat 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Cattle Milk 200 μg/L
Spectinomycin Pig Muscle 500 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Pig Kidney 5000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Pig Liver 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Pig Fat 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Sheep Muscle 500 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Sheep Kidney 5000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Sheep Liver 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Sheep Fat 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Chicken Muscle 500 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Chicken Kidney 5000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Chicken Liver 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Chicken Fat 2000 μg/kg
Spectinomycin Chicken Eggs 2000 μg/kg
Streptomycin Cattle Muscle 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Cattle Liver 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Cattle Kidney 1000 μg/kg
Streptomycin Cattle Fat 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Cattle Milk 200 μg/L
Streptomycin Pig Muscle 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Pig Liver 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Pig Kidney 1000 μg/kg
Streptomycin Pig Fat 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Sheep Muscle 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Sheep Liver 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Sheep Kidney 1000 μg/kg
Streptomycin Sheep Fat 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Sheep Milk 200 μg/L
Streptomycin Chicken Muscle 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Chicken Liver 600 μg/kg
Streptomycin Chicken Kidney 1000 μg/kg
Streptomycin Chicken Fat 600 μg/kg
Sulfamethazine (Sulfadimidine) Other animals Fat 100 μg/kg
Sulfamethazine (Sulfadimidine) Other animals Kidney 100 μg/kg
Sulfamethazine (Sulfadimidine) Other animals Muscle 100 μg/kg
Sulfamethazine (Sulfadimidine) Other animals Liver 100 μg/kg
Tetracycline Cattle Muscle 200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Cattle Liver 600 μg/kg
Tetracycline Cattle Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Cattle Milk 100 μg/L
Tetracycline Pig Muscle 200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Pig Liver 600 μg/kg
Tetracycline Pig Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Sheep Muscle 200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Sheep Liver 600 μg/kg
Tetracycline Sheep Milk 100 μg/L
Tetracycline Sheep Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Poultry Muscle 200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Poultry Liver 600 μg/kg
Tetracycline Poultry Kidney 1200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Poultry Eggs 400 μg/kg
Tetracycline Fish Muscle 200 μg/kg
Tetracycline Prawn Muscle 200 μg/kg
Tylosin Cattle Milk 100 μg/L
Tylosin Chicken Eggs 300 μg/kg