“Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities”

Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities - The First Step in Ensuring Food Safety

“Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” - Introduction

The Administrative Regulation No.30/2021 “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” will enter into force on 15 November 2021. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has established, through legislation, a registration system for establishments which engage in takeaway activities but have not been subject to licensing requirements of the Macao SAR Government. It serves to further improve the regulation of takeaway shops, strengthen the control and regulation of production and handling of food, and sets forth the basic requirements for the facilities and equipment of takeaway shops to ensure food safety for the public.


Target group of the registration system

Any establishment of takeaway activities involved in the handling, processing and preparation of food but is currently unlicensed.

For example:

- Snack shops

- Takeaway beverage shops

- Shops selling takeaway boxed meals

- Sushi and sashimi shops

- Siu mei/lo mei shops

- Bakeries and pastry shops

- Convenience stores and food souvenir shops (which involve the cooking and processing of takeaway food), among others.


Requirement for the establishment

The establishment has to have a physical shop and the takeaway activities must be operated within the shop.


Conditions required for business operation

The emphasis of regulation is on food safety and the hygiene condition of the establishment, which include the requirements on equipment for ventilation, lighting, pest and rat control, refrigeration, storage of hot food, waste collection, etc.


Identification of registration

  1. The registration certificate must be displayed in the shop;
  2. Information about the registration (the registration number of the establishment) must be displayed on the internet and other communication media;
  3. The registration certificate must be submitted to the third-party online food trading platform(s);
  4. The third-party online food trading platforms are required to display the registered information (the registration number of the establishment) on their platforms.


Penalty system

Violation of provisions of the Administrative Regulation may constitute an administrative infraction, and is punishable with a fine of MOP 5,000 to 35,000.


Deadline for registration

Takeaway shops that have not opened are required to complete the registration before commencement of business. (including collection of the registration certificate; the industry is advised to make application in advance).


Telephone enquiry

Food Safety Hotline: 2833 8181


Application Procedures


Online Application

(the applicant must have a “My Government Account for Macao SAR” account)


Frequently Asked Questions


Administrative Regulation
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Establishments of Takeaway Activities with Registration Certificate

Introduction of“Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities”(1 minute)
“Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” Tutorial Video for Online Application