Macao to ban import of aquatic food products, meat, vegetables and fruits from 10 prefectures and regions of Japan from tomorrow


In accordance with Chief Executive Writ of Instruction no. 134/2023 published in “Official Gazette of Macao Special Administrative Region” today (23 August), the import of live and fresh food products, food products of animal origin, sea salt and seaweed, including vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products, aquatic products and their derivatives, meat and meat products, poultry eggs, etc., from a total of 10 prefectures and regions, namely Fukushima Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture and Tokyo Metropolis, will be banned in Macao from tomorrow (24 August 2023).
In disregard of the strong concerns and firm opposition from the international community, the Japanese government pushes through their plan to discharge the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean. The Macao Special Administrative Region Government is gravely concerned about this issue and strongly opposes this. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will strictly implement the stipulations in Chief Executive Writ of Instruction no. 134/2023 and reinforce surveillance of radioactive substances in imported Japanese food products on the import and retail levels to safeguard food safety and public health in Macao. IAM has maintained close contact with the General Administration of Customs and Gongbei District Customs of the People’s Republic of China and established a notification mechanism with the Centre for Food Safety of Hong Kong. Currently, IAM has launched a dedicated food safety webpage on nuclear testing for daily announcement of radiation testing data.