IAM steps up inspection of food and beverage establishments for good food safety management during festivals and holiday


With the approach of the long holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, in order to safeguard food safety during the holiday peak season for the food and beverage industry, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has carried out a series of work to safeguard food safety prior to the holiday. In addition, IAM will step up inspection and promotion in restaurants and food and beverage establishments in tourist areas in Macao during the holiday to ensure food safety. IAM calls for the food industry to pay attention to the production and operation of food, the environment and the personal hygiene of staff, and perform good internal food safety management, so as to reduce the risk of outbreak of foodborne diseases.
Results of sampling tests of Mid-Autumn Festival food products are satisfactory
As Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, IAM has previously stepped up supervision and inspection of the production and retail locations of mooncakes to ensure that the production process complies with hygiene requirements and the products meet food safety standards. Meanwhile, the sampling tests of mooncake products available on the market have been completed. No abnormalities were found in the samples and the overall results are satisfactory. In addition, IAM has also strengthened the inspection and promotion to fruit retailers in Macao and remind the industry to observe the “Food Safety Law” and not to supply rotten or spoiled food.
Focused screening of hidden food safety risks of restaurants and food establishments
The festivals and holiday are the high season for food and beverage consumption. As restaurants and food establishments receive large amounts of customers within a short time, improper handling of food and other problems are prone to appear due to negligence, for example, preparing excessive food ingredients too early in advance and lack of proper storage. Therefore, IAM continuously carries out inspections of restaurants, food establishments, takeaway shops and other establishments of production and operation of food in various districts in Macao. Over 6,500 inspections have been made so far this year. Hygiene supervision was previously carried out especially for the food and beverage establishments offering tour group meals and catering for banquets. They were reminded to strictly comply with the “Food Safety Law” and various food safety and hygiene guidelines, to perform good food safety operations including food procurement, preparation, display and sale, and not to neglect food safety and environmental hygiene due to increase in customer flow. During the festivals, IAM will also increase manpower to focus on strengthening the support and assistance work for the food and beverage establishments in popular consumption areas to better safeguard food safety.
Pay attention to food safety to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort
As it is the first golden week of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day after resumption to normalcy, it is expected that the demand for food and beverage consumption will increase. IAM specially reminds the public to strictly follow the principles such as separation of raw and cooked food, and thorough cooking of food no matter whether they cook at home, order takeaways or dine out. Young children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with weakened immune system and other high-risk individuals should avoid eating cold dishes, sashimi, salad and other high-risk food, so as to prevent the occurrence of foodborne diseases.
For details about the overall test results of mooncakes available on the market this year, as well as a series of food safety operation guidelines, the public can visit the Food Safety Information Website of IAM www.foodsafety.gov.mo.​