IAM promotes public understanding as “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food” comes into effect next month


The “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food" will officially come into effect on 1 February. In order to promote the effective implementation of the regulation, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has held five briefings to explain the objectives of the formulation of the registration system, its content and application formalities to more than 350 members of the public and representatives from the sector, listened to their opinions and answered questions, deepening relevant stakeholders' understanding of the registration system.
Food safety monitoring reinforced and administrative formalities simplified
IAM continues to optimise administrative formalities and improve administrative efficiency to keep up with market conditions, industry development and changes in public consumption patterns. Compared with the pre-existing licensing model, the “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food" can shorten and reduce administrative formalities for the convenience of the sector, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, and complementing the economic development of society. At the same time, it standardises the operating conditions that establishments are required meet and introduces penalty provisions for administrative infringements to further safeguard food safety for consumers. Each of the five briefings included an interactive session, during which representatives from IAM had dialogues with and answered questions from the participants about application formalities, operating conditions, fire safety and urban construction requirements, etc.
IAM reminds that after the registration system comes into effect, retail establishments of fresh and live food are required to submit a registration application to IAM before commencement of business, and that they can only open to the public after receiving a registration certificate. IAM will issue the registration certificate within 30 working days from the date all required documents are submitted. After receiving the registration certificate, businesses must post the registration certificate in a conspicuous place in the establishment. If they use the Internet or social platforms for marketing purpose, they must also upload the registration information on each of the online platforms, so that consumers can be well-informed when purchasing fresh and live food to protect their own rights and interests.
Existing licensed businesses to collect registration certificates in the first week of next month
In terms of the transition period, retail establishments of vegetables, meat or fish with a valid license for 2023 will be deemed to have registered in accordance with the registration system, and the license holders do not need to apply to IAM for license renewal for the year of 2024. In addition, license applications that are being reviewed before the administrative regulation enters into effect are also regarded as applications under the registration system. IAM has sent official letters and SMS messages to relevant businesses, informing them to collect registration certificates during office hours from 1 to 7 February at the Department of Food Safety of IAM.
A dedicated page of “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food" has been set up on the Food Safety Information website www.foodsafety.gov.mo to provide details of relevant administrative regulation, application formalities and procedures, etc. for public view.​