IAM updates food database and collects information until end of June


To improve the “Macao Food Database” and better monitor food safety risks, the Department of Food Safety of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) is carrying out the annual update of the food database and collecting information on pre-packaged food products currently available for supply and sale in Macao from major food suppliers, supermarket chains and other businesses. The food sector may download and fill in the “Product Information Form” on the Food Safety Information website, and submit it by email or fax on or before 30 June. The sector is welcome to actively participate in this to jointly safeguard food safety in Macao.
Updating the food database regularly is an integral part in managing and controlling food safety risks. According to the “Food Safety Law”, food producers and operators are obliged to timely recall food products that pose food safety risks. In the event of food safety incidents involving food recall, IAM can timely keep track of the sale and circulation of the affected products on the local market based on the product information in the “Macao Food Database”, analyse and collate the relevant information on the affected products and promptly issue a food alert to the businesses, so that they can remove the affected products from shelves and notify the downstream businesses as soon as possible, minimising the economic loss of affected businesses. Meanwhile, the whole food recall process can be completed promptly and effectively to ensure food safety in Macao.
This year’s information collection has officially started. IAM has earlier invited local food wholesalers and retailers to provide relevant information, such as the brands, names, places of origin and general agents of products which the businesses have sole distribution rights and of other products available for sale. The food sector may download the “Product Information Form” on the dedicated web page for “2023 Update of Macao Food Database” on IAM’s Food Safety Information website (www.foodsafety.gov.mo). After completing the form according to the requirements, they may submit it by email to dsa_info@iam.gov.mo or by fax to 8296 1204 from now until 30 June. All information on pre-packaged food products collected is used for the sole purpose of food safety work of IAM.
Food safety relies on the trilateral cooperation and participation of the government, the food sector and the public. For enquiries about the information collection for the “Macao Food Database”, the public may contact Mr Lam or Ms Che of the Department of Food Safety by calling 8296 1209 or 8296 1205 during office hours.