Dan-D Pak Brand Raw Macadamia Nuts May be Contaminated with Salmonella (Versão Inglesa)


Ref. N° : 012/DSA/2023

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Alimento suspeitoProduct name: Raw Macadamia Nuts
Brand: Dan-D Pak
Size: 100 g
UPC: 7 70795 52260 4
Data de durabilidade / LoteCodes: PD 2023.FE.14
BB 2024.FE.14
Origem da informaçãoGovernment of Canada
Motivo da Emissão de AlertaThe Government of Canada announced that Dan-D Foods Ltd. is recalling the above-mentioned raw macadamia nuts due to potential presence of Salmonella.
Conselhos para o sector comercial /consumidor1. Please take necessary actions to ensure all products for sale are fit for human consumption.
2. Do not sell or use the above product.
3. Please visit the Food Safety Information website at https://www.foodsafety.gov.mo for latest information.                 
4. If there are any enquiries, please contact the Department of Food Safety via 28338181.
Instituto para os Assuntos Municipais
Departamento de Segurança Alimentar