Real Kosher Ice Cream Recalls Soft Serve on the Go Cups Due to Possible Listeria monocytogenes Contamination


Reference Number 257/2023
Source U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)
Type of Information Food Recall
Questionable food products

The recalled product is packaged in an 8 fl oz., clear plastic cup. The product looks like a soft serve cup served in an ice cream store, with a clear plastic cover with a seal and spoon attached to it.

The product brand name is Soft Serve On The Go cups, All flavors, UPC (SEE LIST)

Soft Serve on the go Vanilla Chocolate, 8 fl oz

UPC 0-91404-15129-0

Soft Serve on the go Razzle, 8 fl oz

UPC 0-91404-15133-7

Soft Serve on the go Caramel, 8 fl oz

UPC 0-91404-15131-3

Soft Serve on the go Parve Vanilla Chocolate, 8 fl oz

UPC 0-91404-15113-9

Soft Serve on the go Sorbet Strawberry Mango, 8 fl oz


Soft Serve Lite Peanut Butter, 8 fl oz


The UPC is the only identifiable code on the package. It does not have any LOT number or best by date. All product produced up to 8/4/23 is being recalled.
Expiry date/Batch
See above.
Manufacturer/ Distributor Real Kosher Ice Cream of Brooklyn, NY
Reasons for recall The recall is the result of an individual becoming ill and reporting to have eaten this product. Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture tested samples of product and one sample tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes.
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