“Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food”

Introduction about the “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food”

Administrative Regulation No. 1/2024 “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food” (“Registration System”) officially comes into effect on 1 February 2024. In order to enhance food safety monitoring and simplify administrative formalities, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has developed and adopted the “Registration System” in replacement of the existing “Municipal Ordinances” and “Licensing Regulation”, with the introduction of an administrative penalty system to tighten the monitoring of such establishments and ensure the safety of the food consumed by the public.


Targets of registration system

The “Registration System” applies to retail establishments that sell the following fresh and live food:

- Vegetables (fresh plants and edible fungi, including plant roots, stems, leaves and flowers, with fruits excluded)

- Meat (fresh, chilled, frozen or defrosted poultry and meat, including offal and related products)

- Fish catch (live, fresh, chilled, frozen or defrosted aquatic products and related products)


Requirements for establishment

The establishment shall not be located in any immovable properties whose on-site environment is obviously unsuitable for the retail of fresh and live food.


Requirements for operation

The monitoring focus is on food safety and hygiene conditions of the establishments, including requirements on ventilation, lighting, pest control devices, refrigeration equipment, garbage collection facilities, etc.


Identification of registration

  1. The registration certificate should be displayed in a conspicuous place on the premises;
  2. The registered information (registration number of the establishment) should be displayed on the Internet and other media;
  3. The registration certificate should be submitted to third-party online food trading platforms;
  4. Third-party online food trading platforms should display the registered information (registration number of the establishment) on their platforms.


Penalty system

Violation of any provisions of the Administrative Regulation may constitute an administrative infraction and may be subject to a fine ranging from MOP5,000 to MOP35,000.


Application deadline

All retail establishments of fresh and live food opened after the Administrative Regulation comes into effect must apply for registration with IAM before commencement for business and can only be opened to the public after obtaining the registration certificate.


Transitional regulations

Establishments that are in operation (whose license remained valid on 31 December 2023) or those whose license application is being reviewed for approval are deemed to have registered in accordance with the provisions of the “Registration System for Retail Establishments of Fresh and Live Food”.


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Online application

Online Application (the applicant must have a “My Government Account for Macao SAR” account)





Enquiry about registration certificate(s) obtained




Enquiry number

Food Safety Hotline: 2833 8181