Food Safety Lectures and Guided Tour Service in 2024


In order to enhance the awareness of food safety in Macao community and general public, IAM has been conducting food safety education and propaganda activities through various media. It aims to promote the idea of ‘Be Responsible to Minimize Risk. Safe Food for Safe Consumption’; advocate the importance of triparticipate concerted efforts among the government, food industry and public in safeguarding food safety; teach residents the practical ways to ensure food safety; send out food safety messages related to public concerns as well as provide tips for preventing food risks.


I.      Food Safety Lectures:

  Each lecture takes about 40 minutes. Food safety staff explains the theme of topic then carries out a prize-winning quiz. Lecture topics of this year show in the table below:   



Code No.

Lecture Topic

(Select one as appropriate)

Prevention of Food Safety Risk


Food Safety and Personal Hygiene


5 Keys to Food Safety in ABCDE

(Note: Content is quoted from old version of ‘5 Keys to Food Safety’.)


Concept of Food Safety: ‘From Farm to Table’

(Note: A3 includes the Introduction of Food Safety Knowledge and the Activity of Guided Instructional Tour at 'IAM Food Information Station'. It takes about 50 minutes in total.)


Time and Temperature Control


Food Safety for Delivering Food Orders


Understanding the Incorrect Use of Refrigerator

Awareness of Food Safety Risk


Common Foodborne Bacteria


Common Foodborne Viruses


Common Foodborne Parasites


Common Foodborne Molds


Common Natural Toxins in Food


Food Additives


Pesticide and Veterinary Drug Residues in Food


Common Food Contaminants


Common Food Allergens


Trans Fat Foods


Understanding the Food Safety Risks of Online Shopping


Education on Disaster Relief -- Mitigation of Food and Water Safety Risks


Understanding Food Safety Standards of Macao to Maintain its Food Safety with Concerted Efforts


Radionuclides Contamination and Food Safety  new

Food Nutrition and Wellness


Nutritional Value of Grains and Cereals


Nutritional Value of Fruits and Vegetables


Nutritional Value of Edible Oil


Sodium and Sugar in Food


II.     Guided Tour Service for the “Food Information Station”:

  With a commitment to promote food safety education, IAM has set up the “Food Information Station”, which is located on the first floor of Iao Hon Hawkers' Building and is made up of the food trade zone and the exhibition hall. In the food trade zone, the public are provided with information about the Department’s structure and functions, as well as its monitoring tasks from food import to market surveillance. The exhibition hall has chosen cow’s milk, a drink which is often consumed in everyday life, to be the theme of the exhibition to highlight the food safety concept of “From Farm to Table”, which in turn extends to five major topics, such as food and health, global food issues, etc. which serve to heighten the public’s concern about food safety and prompt them to think about the issue. Each explanatory tour, with a group of 30 persons, takes about 40 minutes.


III.   Basic Food Safety Principles for Campus Foodservice: (Target: School Staff)

  The main target audiences of “Basic Food Safety Principles For Campus Foodservice” are teachers and non-teaching staff of schools and educational institutions in Macao who engage in food procurement, food inspection upon receipt, food handling and meal distribution on the premises.

  The talk lasts for approximately 40 minutes and is supported by PowerPoint presentation conducted by specialized personnel. It provides training and informative assistance to schools and educational institutions in Macao to reinforce food safety practices in campus and encourage them to upgrade overall food safety and hygiene standards through self-management. These are conducive to ensuring food safety on campus and reducing risk of clusters or outbreaks of food-borne disease.


  To sign up for the “Food Safety Talks” or guided tour of “Food Information Station”, please kindly access the online sign-up system or download the Sign-Up Form. Please fax the filled-in form to the Division of Risk Communication of Department of Food Safety of IAM (Fax: 8296 1234). Our staff will contact your school or association in due time for making necessary arrangements.


  Should there be any enquiries, please feel free to contact Mrs Chan of the Division of Risk Communication of Department of Food Safety at 8296 1231.


Themes and Outline of Food Safety Talks




Outline of Talk on Food Safety Principles for Campus FoodService




Enrollment Form (Chinese and Portuguese Version)




Visit “Food Information Station”