Xin Ao International Group Corp. 回收可能受李斯特菌污染的金針菇產品


編號 046/2023
資料來源 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)
資訊類別 食品回收
The product comes in 200 grams, clear plastic package marked with lot # 6953150100677 for “Sss Enoki Mushroom” & 4892742010234 for “K-Fresh Mushroom” on the top and with an expiration date of 02/15/2023 stamped on the side.
See above.
生產商/分銷商 Xin Ao International Group Corp of Linden, NJ
回收原因 The recall was the result of a routine sampling program by Maryland Department of Health which revealed that the finished products contained Listeria monocytogenes.