lēf Farms 自願性回收可能受O157:H7大腸桿菌污染的沙律產品


編號 141/2023
資料來源 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)
資訊類別 食品回收

lēf Farms “Spice” Packaged Salad Greens (UPC 8 50439 00709 1) produced in Loudon, New Hampshire greenhouse.

The product comes in a 4- oz, clear, plastic clamshell container. Information about the “best by” date, lot number and UPC can be found at the bottom of the package.

lēf Farms “Spice” is the only product impacted to date.
"Best by" date 5/5/23, lot number SP10723- 1RGH1
生產商/分銷商 lēf Farms of Loudon, N.H.
回收原因 The recall was initiated when the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture received a positive test result for E. coli 0157:H7 in a single package of lēf Farms “Spice” Packaged Salad Greens (4 oz) as part of routine testing.