Close to 3,000 takeaway shops have completed registration and failure to register within time limit to be prosecuted


Since the “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” entered into force on November 15 of last year, 2,910 takeaway shops have completed the registration. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will strictly implement the regulatory work and step up inspections. So far, inspections of 2,120 establishments/times have been carried out. In addition, one takeaway shop has been prosecuted for continuation of business operation despite its failure to date to apply for registration in accordance with the law, regardless of repeated advice from the inspection staff.
IAM reminds the sector again that all takeaway shops are required to complete the registration before commencement of business and the registration certificate must be put up at a prominent location in the physical shop. If the Internet or a mobile application is used for operation or promotion, the registration number of the establishment is required to be displayed on the media. In addition, individuals in charge of third-party online food trading platforms are required to ensure that all the establishments operating on the platforms have completed the registration and their registration number have been shown on the platforms, to facilitate consumers’ checking and identification.
Moreover, IAM reminds consumers to choose takeaway shops that have completed the registration in accordance with the law. Consumers can visit the designated webpage for “Establishments of Takeaway Activities with Registration Certificate” on the Food Safety Information Website of IAM and directly make a search by the registration number of takeaway shops, the establishment name or address to clearly understand if the shops have completed the registration in accordance with the law. Consumers may also dial the Food Safety Hotline 2833 8181 for enquiries.
From the end of last year, IAM has consistently carried out inspections of takeaway shops with 2,120 establishments/times completed so far. During the inspections, in addition to the overall hygiene conditions of establishments, the inspection staff also check the registration certificates of the takeaway shops and the operation conditions of the establishments. Offenders in violation of the registration system and relevant provisions are liable to a fine between MOP 5,000 and MOP 35,000. Furthermore, IAM continues to hold seminars for the takeaway businesses and takeaway platforms to explain the relevant laws and regulations, food safety standards and hygiene guidelines, hygiene code of practice in daily operation, issues for attention upon food delivery, etc., with the aim of elevating the food safety level of the sector.