Talk on‘Basic Food Safety Principles for Campus Foodservice’


To improve the standard of food safety management on campus, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has launched a talk on ‘Basic Food Safety Principles For Campus Foodservice’ for staffs and outsourced food contractors who engage in food procurement, food acceptance, food handling, meal distribution and supervision. It is better to enhance the knowledge of food safety as a mean for reducing the risk of clusters of foodborne disease outbreaks in the schools.


Aside from regular inspection of the venues where provide school meals, the Department of Food Safety of IAM offers the ‘Talk on “Basic Food Safety Principles For Campus Foodservice”’ for school faculty to strengthen their knowledge of food safety and hygiene, as well as assist the educational institutions to improve their skills in food safety management. The talk is mainly based on sharing actual cases and combining with the food safety guidelines established by the Department of Food Safety. The content covers many practices, such as prudent selection of food sources, carefully checking the food quality upon received, proper food storage and handling. It also provides advices on how to properly inspect the working areas of food preparation and meal provision, including of cleaning utensils, maintaining personal hygiene, etc. Hereby, this training reminds the schools and educational institutions take appropriate hygiene and food safety measures to further safeguard the safety of food supply on campus.


The talk on ‘Basic Food Safety Principles for Campus Foodservice’ takes approximately 40 minutes, and is welcomed to make appointment in advance to the on-campus training conducted by IAM staff. Schools and educational institutions can organise their teachers and non-teaching staffs to attend the talk in order to improve the level of food safety. Interested parties can visit the webpage of ‘Talk on “Basic Food Safety Principles For Campus Foodservice”’ on the ‘Food Safety Information’ website at, to download and fill out the application form, then send it back by e-mail:, fax 8296 1234, or submit in person to the Trade Zone of Department of Food Safety located on the 1st floor of Iao Hon Hawkers’ Building or any Public Services Centres of IAM during office hours. For enquiries, please call 8296 1231 during office hours.


  Moreover, IAM has newly compiled the ‘Guide on Hygiene Practices ─ Food Safety of School Meals’ for food providers and handlers to standardize their food safety operation and reinforce the food safety management on campus. It provides concise information related to food safety and hygiene practices, and highlights some critical points for the industry to follow. The ‘Guide on Hygiene Practices ─ Food Safety of School Meals’ and a series of food safety and hygiene guidelines, including the ‘Food Safety and Hygiene Guidelines for School Meal Service (Chinese Version Only)’, ‘Guidelines for Outsourcing School Meal Provision (Chinese Version Only)’, ‘Food Safety and Hygiene Guidelines for Group Meal Providers (Chinese Version Only)’ and ‘Guidelines for Food Safety and Hygiene Management of Private Tutoring Centres (Chinese Version Only)’, have been uploaded to the ‘Food Safety Information’ website at and the Food Safety Information mobile application (App). Welcome to check it out.




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