Enjoy Mooncakes Safely At Mid-Autumn Festival


  Mid-Autumn Festival (which refers to the 15th day of the eighth lunar month) is one of the Chinese traditional festivals. Various types of mooncakes are available on the market as the festival is approaching. Besides from traditional mooncakes, novel types of mooncakes like ice-cream mooncakes and snowy mooncakes are getting popular these years. Both consumers and food manufacturers should pay close attention to food safety when it comes to mooncakes making, purchasing and storage. By doing that, we can all stay away from food-borne diseases and spend a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival with our family!


Safety tips to the public

1. Choose properly

  • Purchase mooncakes from reliable and hygienic shops;
  • Ensure the packages are intact and no unusual condition, like molds, is found on mooncakes;
  • Be aware of the display and storage temperature before purchase;
  • Check the expiry date. Do not purchase mooncakes which have expired.

2. Safe temperature

  • Snowy and ice-cream mooncakes do not undergo baking process at high temperature, and thus, they should be stored at appropriate temperature. Snowy and ice-cream mooncakes should be stored at below 5 and -18or below respectively;
  • Traditional mooncakes should be stored in a cool and dry condition before consumption or in accordance with the label. Upon opening, product should be refrigerated at below 5;
  • Mooncakes should be consumed as soon as possible after purchase as to prevent deterioration.

Safety tips to the industry

1. Purchase of raw materials

  • Purchase fresh and wholesome ingredients from reliable suppliers;
  • Check raw materials before acceptance. Ensure raw materials are stored at proper temperature and have no signs of damage or being contaminated;
  • Upon acceptance, retain related documents and receipts in order to trace the source if any problem occurs.

2. Proper Handling

  • Raw materials and finished products should be stored separately under appropriate environment and at proper temperature. Comply with the ‘first-in first-out’ principle for food storage;
  • Check all the raw materials before using. Discard any raw materials that have deteriorated or having unusual appearance/smell;
  • Maintain good personal hygiene practice. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before making mooncakes;
  • Temperature control is important during manufacturing, storage, delivery and display of mooncakes. Strict hygiene condition and stringent temperature control are especially important for snowy and ice-cream mooncakes, as they are more vulnerable to microbiological contamination.


  If mooncakes or other festive foods are found with unusual appearance, colour or taste, stop eating at once. Besides, mooncakes are rich in sugar and fat, and thus, moderate consumption is recommended in order to maintain a balanced diet. It is important to stay healthy while celebrating this wonderful festival.