Be a Smart Shopper of Lunar New Year Food


         As Lunar New Year is approaching, many people would like to purchase festive foods. In order to eat safe, we should pay attention to the following key points.


1.        Obtain foods from licensed stores

Obtain foods from licensed stores with good reputation; don’t buy foods from unlicensed ones.


2.        Avoid products without a clear labeling

Clear labeling should include product’s name, ingredients, expiry date, net weight, details about the manufacturers, country of origin etc. and should readily be read by the consumers.


3.        Avoid products without an identified source

Product’s name and country of origin should be stated clearly for non-packaged foods. Since it is quite difficult to trace back the source of non-packaged foods, we should be more careful when choosing.


4.        Avoid products of which the package is torn or opened

Do not choose frozen products which show signs of thawing. Return home immediately after purchasing chilled or frozen products and store the products under appropriate temperatures (for chilled products 0 - 4; for frozen products -18or below).


5.        Avoid buying products which looks too colorful or bright

Choose foods with natural color. Do not purchase foods which look too colorful or too bright as excessive amount of artificial colors or food additives may have been added.


6.        Check the food carefully before buying or eating

If abnormal smell or moulds are found, discard the food immediately regardless of its expiry date.


7.        Avoid buying large amount of food at the same time

Do not purchase large amount of food at the same time to avoid prolonged or improper storage. Food should be consumed before the expiry date.