Enjoy Rice Dumplings Safely



       Tuen Ng, one of the most important Chinese festivals, is on the 5th day of the 5thmonth of the Lunar Year. It is a Chinese tradition to celebrate by eating rice dumplings and having dragon boat races. There are various types of rice dumplings and the common ingredients are glutinous rice, salty egg yolk, pork, mung bean, etc. If rice dumpling is handled improperly, it will be contaminated and became unsuitable for consumption. Therefore, the public should observe the below food safety tips when purchasing, preparing or cooking rice dumplings.



  1. Purchase rice dumplings from reliable shops; never purchase from unlicensed hawkers;
  2. Pay attention to the hygiene conditions of the shops;
  3. Note that rice dumplings should be stored inside the fridge in the shops; do not leave heated rice dumplings at room temperature for more than two hours;
  4. Read carefully the label on the package of the pre-packaged rice dumplings before purchasing; pay attention to the information about the expiry date, the manufacturer, etc.;
  5. Never purchase rice dumplings which have expired or stunk or from an unknown source;
  6. When making rice dumplings on your own, purchase materials from reliable shops.


  1. Consume rice dumplings as soon as possible after purchasing; do not keep for a prolonged period;
  2. If the rice dumplings are not consumed immediately, store them in containers with lids in the refrigerator which is below 5. Remember to follow the ‘cooked food above, raw food below’ principle;
  3. Remember to separate the rice dumplings from raw food to avoid cross-contamination.


  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating or handling rice dumplings;
  2. When making rice dumplings on your own, remember to cook thoroughly until the internal temperature reaches 75 degree Celsius or above before eating;
  3. Reheat rice dumplings until the internal temperature reaches 7degree Celsius or above; do not reheat rice dumplings more than once;
  4. Discard heated rice dumplings if they have been left at room temperature for more than two hours;
  5. Remember to maintain a balanced diet; rice dumplings are high in calories and fat, excessive consumption of them is not recommended.

Safety Tips to the Industry

  1. Never use illegal or excessive food additives when making rice dumplings;
  2. Borax is toxic to humans; many countries, including China, have banned the use of borax as a food additive.