Consumers can check on Food Safety Information website for the list of more than 2,700 registered takeaway establishments


The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has received registration applications from about 2,900 establishments since the entry into force of the “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities”. After on-site inspections of each of them, 2,768 takeaway establishments have been issued with registration certificates. IAM reminds that takeaway establishments that have been issued a registration certificate must display their registration information to the public. If the relevant regulation is violated, the establishments can be fined 5,000 to 35,000 patacas. Those that have not yet registered must do so as soon as possible. Consumers can check the list of registered takeaway establishments and their information on the Food Safety Information website in order to protect their own rights and interests.
Takeaway establishments are required to post registration certificates in accordance with the law
The “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” came into effect on November 15 last year. For takeaway establishments that were opened before the regulation took effect, the transitional period for registration will expire on May 15. IAM reminds those who have not completed the registration to complete the registration as soon as possible. New takeaway establishments to be opened after the regulation took effect must complete the registration before the opening takes place. The registration method is simple as the establishments can apply in person at any Public Services Centres of IAM, or apply online through the “Macao One Account” mobile application.
Takeaway establishments that have completed the registration and have been issued with a certificate must post the registration certificate in a conspicuous spot in their physical premises. When operating or promoting their business through the Internet or mobile applications, the establishment registration number must be displayed on these media. At the same time, operators of online food delivery platforms are responsible for ensuring that all takeaway establishments that have joined the platform have completed registration as required and their registration numbers are displayed on the platform for consumers to check and identify. Consumers can also go to the special webpage of “Establishments of Takeaway Activities with Registration Certificate” on the Food Safety Information website of IAM to search directly with the registration number, name or address of the takeaway establishments for clear understanding.
Strengthening food safety and law-abiding awareness of takeaway trade
The “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” has a penalty system, and violators of relevant regulation are punishable by a fine of 5,000 to 35,000 patacas. Both the operators of takeaway establishments and the persons in charge of third-party platforms for online food trading are required to understand the relevant requirements of the registration system and operate their business in accordance with the law. Therefore, IAM continues to organise training seminars for takeaway establishments and takeaway delivery personnel that cover relevant laws and regulations, food safety standards and hygiene guidelines, hygienic practices for daily operations, precautions for food delivery, etc., in order to enhance the food safety levels of the trade.
For more details on the registration system and food safety information, the public may visit the Food Safety Information website of IAM at or the special webpage of “Registration System for Establishments of Takeaway Activities” in the mobile application, or call the food safety hotline at 2833 8181 for enquiries.