Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene Advanced Course


The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) started to organise the “Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene Advanced Course” in 2020 to support the food trader in providing educational training and more learning opportunities for practitioners. Besides the key points of food safety easily overlooked in day-to-day work, the Advanced Course covers food handling and risk control, food handling during power outage or flooding, strengthening food safety and hygiene management, identifying signs of rodents and methods to effectively prevent and eliminate rodent infestation, in order to raise the participants’ awareness on waste disposal and environmental hygiene. To make sure the participants can have more comprehensive hygiene knowledge during the 5-hour course in two days, they are required to have completed and passed the examination in the Basic Course before joining the Advanced Course. Those who attend both sections in the Advanced Course will be awarded a “Certificate of Attendance”, and those who pass the exam will be awarded a “Certificate in Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene Training Course for Food Trade”.


Interested parties can download the ‘Enrolment Form’, fill it out then send it to the Division of Risk Communication of the Department of Food Safety via fax (8296 1234) or e-mail (, or submit it in person on the 1st floor of Iao Hon Hawkers’ Building. Upon receipt of the enrolment form, our staff will contact the applicant. For details and enquiry, please call 8296 1242/ 8296 1231/ 8296 1241. Due to limited quota for each class, please register without delay.



Class 1: 12th July 2023 and 13th July 2023

Class 2: 15th November 2023 and 16th November 2023


Enrollment Form