Follow the Five Keys to Safer Food While Enjoying Easter Holidays


With the Easter holidays just around the corner, some people will spend their holidays aboard and some will stay in Macau to enjoy Easter feasts at restaurants. While enjoying great food, the public should be aware of hygienic conditions of food to prevent foodborne diseases.


1. Choose smartly

  • Choose a reputable restaurant with good hygiene practice;
  • Pay attention to the hygienic conditions of the restaurant. Check whether the utensils are clean and intact; whether the staff wear clean outer clothing, etc.;
  • Select fresh foods. Do not consume foods with abnormal colour or smell.

2. Keep clean

  • Wash hands thoroughly with liquid soap and water before eating and after going to the toilet;
  • If joining any activity or game during the meal, do remember to wash hands thoroughly after the activity and before eating again.

3. Separate raw and cooked

  • When raw and cook foods are offered at the same time, separate sets of utensils should be used;
  • If foods are cooked at the spot for customers, make sure the chefs handle cooked and raw foods separately to avoid cross contamination.

4. Cook thoroughly

  • Meat and poultry should be cooked thoroughly until their juices are clear, not pink; and there should be no blood when they are cut;
  • If any cooked foods or barbeque meat do not seem to be properly done, ask the staff to change it or cook it again until thoroughly cooked.

5. Safe temperature

  • Hot dishes, such as barbeque meat and steamed fish, should be kept at above 60;
  • Cold dishes, such as salad, raw oyster, sashimi, etc., should be kept at below 5;
  • Finish foods as soon as possible to avoid leaving them at room temperature for a long period of time.

  Lastly, the public should maintain a balanced diet and do not overeat. Always keep in mind the Five Keys to Safer Food and so can enjoy food safely in Easter.


To read the leaflet of the Five Keys to Safer Food, please click the link below: