IAM held briefing to explain application for license for retail establishments of vegetables, fish and meat


The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has launched the optimisation work of application process for the license for retail establishments of vegetables, fish and meat, and held a briefing recently to explain the details of the optimisation work to the sector, with a focus on the newly established “pre-application technical consulting service” and the points to note for license application, in order for the sector to understand the procedures and requirements for license application and improve the efficiency of application.
The briefing was recently held at the Municipal Market Complex of Patane, inviting more than 90 sector representatives to attend. During the briefing, IAM’s food safety staff highlighted the “pre-application technical consulting service” to the participants. Potential applicants of the license may apply for the consulting service before they have a preliminary plan or apply for the license. After collecting all the relevant documents for consultation, IAM will arrange a consultation meeting where different departments will provide technical support according to the scope of their functions, and answer the technical questions in terms of operation, hygiene, engineering, etc. submitted by the applicant in advance, so that the applicant can understand the detailed rules and regulations and figure out the technical problems of the establishment in the early stage, resolving the “hurdles” as soon as possible, managing the progress of the license application and improving efficiency.
In addition, IAM has added a new “List of Minor Problems” regarding the minor problems of establishments, which requires the applicants to make a written commitment to improve the problems within the time limit for the licensing process to proceed and for gaining the approval and obtaining the license as soon as possible.
IAM continues to optimise the relevant application process and services, and has developed the “License for Retail Establishment (of Fresh Meat/ Chilled Meat/Frozen Meat) - Integrated Guide to Application”, which lists various regulatory requirements in detail for the food sector to refer to. For more information on the application for the license for retail establishments of vegetables, fish and meat, the public may call the Civic Service Hotline at 2833 7676 or visit IAM’s Food Safety Information Website at www.foodsafety.gov.mo.