Frozen lobster tails test positive for novel coronavirus and the whole batch has been destroyed without entering the market


Food samples collected from a batch of frozen lobster tails imported from United Arab Emirates tested positive for the novel coronavirus nucleic acid yesterday (11 October). The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) immediately initiated the contingency plan and sealed and destroyed the 4 boxes of affected goods, which weigh a total of 40 kilogrammes. None of the products concerned entered the market. IAM also carried out thorough disinfection of the surrounding environment where the affected goods were temporarily stored, and information about individuals who have come into contact with the goods has been provided to the health authorities for investigation and follow-up. Starting from today, IAM suspends the application for import of the batch of products concerned.
The external packaging of the frozen lobster tails imported from United Arab Emirates concerned tested negative for the novel coronavirus, but the food samples tested positive. For prudence’s sake, the mentioned goods have all been destroyed. In the first 9 months of this year, samples of the same type of goods were collected and tested, but no abnormalities were found.
IAM has continuously requested business firms to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the external packaging of imported food products and urged the public to wash their hands after coming into contact with imported goods sold in places like supermarkets, so as to “prevent imported cases” together in fighting the epidemic.