Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd Recalls Value Brand Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink Due to Potential Presence of Phenylalanine


Reference Number 412/2023
Source Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), New Zealand
Type of Information Food Recall
Questionable food products

Product identification

Product type

Soft Drink

Name of product (size)

Value brand Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink (1.5L)

Package size and description

The product is sold in a plastic 1.5L plastic bottle.


This recall does not affect any other Value brand products.

Expiry date/Batch

Batch marking: BATCH 2059

Date marking: Best Before 16/06/24
Manufacturer/ Distributor Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd
Reasons for recall
Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd is recalling a specific batch of its Value brand Lemonade Flavoued Soft Drink due to the presence of phenylalanine. The Value brand Diet Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink which contains phenylalanine has been incorrectly packaged as Value brand Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink.
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