HK CFS Announced That Total Bacterial Count Was Found in Whole Milk Sample at a Level Exceeding Hong Kong’s Legal Limit


Reference Number 346/2023
Source Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety (CFS)
Type of Information Food Recall
Questionable food products

Product name: Marks & Spencer British Whole Milk

Brand: Marks and Spencer

Place of origin: United Kingdom

Plant Name and Address: Muller Milk and Ingredients

Oldends Lane, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL 10 2DG, United Kingdom

Net volume: 1.136L per bottle
Expiry date/Batch
Best before: 14.10.2023 and 16.10.2023
Manufacturer/ Distributor Hong Kong Importer: ALF Retail Hong Kong Limited
Reasons for recall
The above-mentioned sample contains 36,000,000 bacteria per ml, which is exceeding Hong Kong's legal limit.
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