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According to Law No. 5/2013 “Food Safety Law”, the production and operation of food as well as the use of food additives and food-related products during the process thereof are required to comply with food safety standards. The establishment of food safety standards is an important regulatory specification derived from the “Food Safety Law”, promulgated in the form of legally binding administrative regulations, providing a more comprehensive statutory and technical basis for food safety management and enforcement in order to safeguard food safety in Macao.


Since the “Food Safety Law” came into force, Macao has launched a number of food safety standards covering the following areas in an orderly manner: food additives, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, heavy metal contaminants, mycotoxins, prohibited substances, pathogenic microorganisms, and nutritional requirements for infant formula. Macao will continue to review international situations to improve local food safety standards.


Food safety standards are highly relevant to our daily lives and are an important cornerstone in guaranteeing food safety in Macao. For more information on how food safety standards can protect our food safety, please visit the following popular science articles to learn more.


Standard Items

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