Let's understand food safety standards in Macao

Since the “Food Safety Law” has entered into force, IAM has formulated the food safety standards of Macao in an orderly way. So far, it has rolled out 12 set of new standards and 1 updated standard in phases. The formulation work is constantly in progress and timely updates of existing standards.
 Prevention of potential food hazards that is the first priority of safeguarding food safety focuses on the self-discipline of the food industry and public participation. In 2019, the annual propagating and educational campaign on the “Food Safety Standards” has been launched. A dedicated page is created on the website of “Food Safety Information”. Through uploading information on popularizing science and education related to Macao food safety standards in stages, such as short videos, animations and scientific articles, it aims to enhance the industry’s and the public's awareness and improve their knowledge in food safety standards as well as correlated popular science; thereby, it encourages the observance of food safety standards across the community.

Food Safety Standards of Macao already in Force
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Information on Popular Science and Education 1


【Popular Science of Food Safety】Get to Know Food Safety Standards in Macao

Administrative Regulation No. 13/2013:
“Maximum residue limits of veterinary drugs in foodstuffs”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】What Actually Are Veterinary Drugs?“Maximum Residue Limits of Veterinary Drugs in Food”

Administrative Regulation No. 6/2014:
“List of prohibited substances for use in food”
Administrative Regulation No. 3/2016:
“Amendment to Administrative Regulation No. 6-2014 (List of Prohibited Substances for use in food)”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Prohibited Substances in Food

Administrative Regulation No. 16/2014:
“Maximum limits of radionuclides in foodstuffs”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Radionuclides Contamination and Food Safety

Administrative Regulation No. 16/2015:
“Limits of Pathogenic Microorganisms in Powdered Infant Formulae”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Must-Read for Parents——Is Powdered Infant Formula Sterile?

Administrative Regulation No. 2/2016:
“Limits of Pathogenic Microorganisms in Milk Products”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Pathogenic Microorganisms In Dairy Products

Administrative Regulation No. 13/2016:
“Maximum Limits of Mycotoxins in Food”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Moulds in Food

Administrative Regulation No. 28/2016:
“Nutritional Requirements for Infant Formula”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Must-read for Parents——Nutritional Needs of Infants and Young Children

Administrative Regulation No. 30/2017:
“Standard for Uses of Food Coloring in Foodstuffs”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Is ‘Food Colouring’ Safe?

Administrative Regulation No. 12/2018:
“Standard for Uses of Sweeteners in Foodstuffs”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Use of Sweetener in Food

Administrative Regulation No. 23/2018:
“Maximum Limits of Heavy Metal Contaminants in Food”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】Heavy Metal Contaminants In Food

Administrative Regulation No. 7/2019:
“Standard for Uses of Preservatives and Antioxidants in Foodstuffs”

【Popular Science of Food Safety】How much do you know about the use of preservatives and antioxidants in food? (content coming soon)

1.      The information on popular science and education related to the food safety standards will be uploaded quarterly to the dedicated page. Users of “Food Safety Information” mobile application (App, download iOS/Android version for smartphones) will receive push notifications. Please stay tuned.