Lindsay Farm HB Ltd 回收可能受彎曲菌污染的生牛奶產品


編號 379/2023
資料來源 Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), New Zealand
資訊類別 食品回收

Product type

Raw (unpasteurised) drinking milk

Name of product (size)

Lindsay Farm brand Organic Raw Milk (unpasteurised) 2L

Package size and description

The product is sold in a plastic 2L bottle.


This recall does not affect any other batches of Lindsay Farm brand Organic raw milk (unpasteurised).

The product has not been exported.


Batch marking

Lot number: 2310, 2410, 2510, 2610, 2710, 2810, 2910, 3010, 3110, 0111, 0211

Date marking

Use by dates: 27.10.23, 28.10.23, 29.10.23, 30.10.23, 31.10.23, 01.11.23, 02.11.23, 03.11.23, 04.11.23, 05.11.23

生產商/分銷商 Lindsay Farm HB Ltd
回收原因 Lindsay Farm HB Ltd is recalling specific batches of its Lindsay Farm brand Organic Raw Milk (unpasteurised) as the product may contain Campylobacter.