Ferrero Australia Pty. Ltd. 回收可能受沙门氏菌污染的朱古力产品(更新)


编号 151/2022
资料来源 Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)
资讯类别 食品回收

Date markings

All Best Before dates/batch codes


Barcode information:

Kinder Easter Basket 120g (6x20g): 19300698000619

Kinder Mini Eggs Hazelnut: 100g: 19300698020242; 270g; 9300698503618; 750g: 9300698503618

Kinder Surprise Maxi (Miraculous) 100g: 19300698018591​

Kinder Surprise Maxi (Natoons) 100g​: 19300698016528​

Kinder Surprise Xmas Maxi (Disney Frozen 2021) 100g: 9300698502246

Kinder Surprise Xmas Maxi (2021) 100g: 9300698501935

Kinder Maxi Xmas Mix with Plush (2021) 133g: 9300698504004

Kinder Xmas Happy Moments Ballotin (2021) 190g: 9300698503960


Country of origin

Belgium (all Kinder products manufactured in Italy are not affected by this recall)
See above.
生产商/分销商 Ferrero Australia Pty. Ltd.
回收原因 The recall is due to potential microbial (Salmonella) contamination.