Corfu Foods, Inc. 回收未经完善查检的鱼类产品


编号 077/2022
资料来源 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)'s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)
资讯类别 食品回收

The frozen swai (Siluriformes) fish fillet items were imported on Jan. 15, 2022. The following products are subject to recall. See labels here.


15-lb. bulk corrugated box packages containing various sizes of "PACIFIC DYNASTY SWAI FILLETS" and lot code VN 461 VI 354.
See above.
生产商/分销商 Corfu Foods, Inc., a Bensenville, Ill. firm
Corfu Foods, Inc., a Bensenville, Ill. firm, is recalling approximately 6,570 pounds of swai (Siluriformes) fish products imported from Vietnam that were not presented for import reinspection into the United States.
The problem was discovered when a company notified FSIS that they received and further distributed imported product without verifying that the product was presented for FSIS import reinspection.