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IACM and DSEJ join hands to promote food safety

In order to raise public awareness on food safety, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) has been conducting promotional activities through various events and channels. Recently with the support from the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ), IACM conveyed messages and knowledge on food safety through the food preparation class and cooking course for young people organised by DSEJ in 2013. It is hoped that the lectures and the practical exercises in these classes will deepen participants’ understanding of food safety and allow them to follow food safety practices in their daily life.


IACM held the first joint promotion on food safety on 25 January. IACM staff were assigned to give a talk to the participants to explain the "Five Keys to Food Safety", which are developed by the World Health Organization. They distributed lecture notes and leaflets reminding the participants about the food safety risks at different stages they should be aware of from food purchase, storage, handling, cooking to consumption, and satisfactory results were achieved.


Related promotional activities will continue with content adjusted according to different themes. It is hoped that the practical exercises in class will deepen participants’ knowledge on food safety and allow the participants to instantly put what they have learned in class into practice and apply the food safety concept to reduce food safety risks in their daily life.


Combined efforts of government, food industry and public are required in safeguarding food safety. In the future, IACM will continue to strengthen their promotional work. The Bureau has commenced operating a food safety hotline at 2833 8181 and uploaded the basic knowledge of food safety as well as guidelines on hygiene and operation for the industry onto the Food Safety Information Webpage. Members from the industry and the public are welcomed to visit the webpage at to gain more knowledge about food safety.

Last Updated on 24/02/2013
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