Information for Cold Chain Food Industry

To prevent the possible spread of the novel coronavirus to Macao through imported cold chain food products and their outer packaging, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has implemented preventive and control measures against the novel coronavirus in regard to cold chain food products at the import, environmental and personnel levels. A series of sampling inspections and regulatory measures to oversee cold chain food products from import to retail have been devised. These include of launching “Tracing System for Cold Chain Food Products”, strengthening the preventive disinfection of imported cold chain food products, providing appropriate guidelines on food safety practices and precautions, requesting the industry to strictly implement the various preventive and control measures so as to jointly and vigilantly guard against the novel coronavirus. IAM has compiled the following references for the cold chain food industry:
Tracing System for Cold Chain Food Products

Reservation System for COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test for Employees in the Cold Chain Food Industry

Hygiene Practices and Precautions

Relevant Information