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Food Hygiene Supervisor Incentive Program

IACM continues to place emphasis on industry training and education. Hence, IACM entrusts Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) to co-organize the Food Hygiene Supervisor Incentive Program. Through systemic courses, this program aims at improving the food safety standard of the industry and assisting the industry with their food safety precautions. Participation of the food industry is highly encouraged.


The incentive program begins in July, 2015. Class will be held each month with approximately 30 seats each. This program is targeting employees, who are recommended by their catering or food industry employers. The whole course takes 9 hours and the content covers the “Food Safety Act”, food traceability and recording mechanism, food safety and personal hygiene, the standard and equipment of food premises, pest control and waste disposal, cleaning and sanitation. This course will be assessed by examination. The students are required to finish 8 hours of lecture and are examined in the last hour. For those who pass the examination, a certificate of “food safety supervisor” will be issued. This aims to encourage the active engagement of the industry in on-going education and to improve their management skill and law-abiding self-awareness.


For more information on the course or the application process, please download “Course Outline” or “Leaflet”. Alternatively, please go to or contact us at 2878 1313. Course in November will be held on November 27 at Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, the application deadline for the Food Safety Supervisor course in November is on November 15. Seats are limited. Please submit your application as soon as possible.


Course Brochure


Enrollment form


Course Pamphlets

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List of Participating Companies

(Chinese version)


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