IAM finds no abnormalities in re-tests of samples collected in the container of positive case of plastic wrapping film


The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) got a positive result from a novel coronavirus nucleic acid test carried out on a sample of plastic wrapping film of the external packaging of a batch of dairy products imported from Hong Kong late last night (14 March). IAM has immediately initiated the contingency plan and carried out re-testing of the other food items in the same cargo container. 51 samples of external packaging have been collected and tested. No abnormalities were found in the test results of all samples.
The sample of plastic wrapping film of external packaging which tested positive for novel coronavirus nucleic acid involves a pallet of 24 plastic boxes of yoghurt products weighing 201.6 kilogrammes. All the products concerned have been destroyed and have not entered the market. IAM urges the public and businesses to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the external packaging of food products imported from outside Macao. The public should wash their hands frequently after touching imported products for sale in places like supermarkets to adopt disease prevention measures and “prevent imported cases” together.