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Getting to Know Food Safety Standards in Macao

Safeguarding in food safety

5 Keys to Safer Food

Steps to wash hands properly

Way to wash vegetables

Food Handling (Poster & Sticker)

Thawing Food Properly (Poster & Sticker)

Food Storage and Display (Poster & Stickers)

Premises Hygiene (Sticker)

Personal Hygiene (Sticker)

Food Hygiene (Sticker)

Temperature Danger Zone (Sticker)

Cooked Food (Sticker)

Vegetables & Fruits (Sticker)

Raw Food (Sticker)

Freezer -18℃or Below (Sticker)

Chiller 0℃-4℃ (Sticker)

How to Choose Fruit

Tips on Purchasing Chilled Pork

A Consumer Safety Guide to Aquatic Product

How to Purchase Chilled Poultry Products

How to Choose Frozen food

Don't Purchase Fresh and Live Commodities from Illegal Sources

Natural toxins in Vegetables

Seafood and Toxins in seafood


Dairy products

Meat and Meat products
Last Updated on 01/03/2018
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