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“Trade Information” Section
The Food Safety Information Website has a “Trade Information” section designed to give the food trade quicker and easier access to online information, including administrative procedures, business guidelines and laws and regulations with the aim of helping the trade to improve its management of food safety and ensure food safety in a more effective manner.

“International News” and “ Email Updates”
With the world becoming an integrated community that results in ever-increasing varieties and volume of food products entering Macao on a daily basis from across the globe, the food trade will benefit greatly from keeping itself informed of the latest developments on international food safety and will be better prepared to respond effectively to emergencies.

By subscribing to the “Email Updates” service, interested parties from the food trade will receive daily email messages containing international food safety information and food safety updates released on our website, which we collect from around the world. The subscription process is quick and simple. All you have to do is fill in some basic information and leave us your email address.

Give the trade quicker and easier access to food safety information
Food safety depends on the combined efforts of three parties: the government, the food trade and the public. The government engages in inspection and quarantine and food surveillance; the trade safeguards food safety management and ensures reliable food supplies and hygienic handling; the public purchases wisely and handles food carefully. It is through the cooperation and interactions of all these three parties that the food safety in Macao is assured.

With the provision of quicker and easier access to food safety information to the trade and enchancement of food safety management, the interaction and communication between the government and the trade is expected to be increased.


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