Chinese Sauerkraut Detected With Sulphur Dioxide Exceeding Hong Kong’s Legal Limit


Ref. N° : 033/CSA/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please find the food alert below for further details:

Questionable food products產品名稱:      文記切碎鹹酸菜
Product Name:Chinese Sauerkraut
淨重  每盒二百二十五克
Net    Weight 225 grams per box
Durability Indication/ Lot Code此日期前最佳 二○一八年九月二十七日
Best-before Date September 27, 2018  
The Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety
Reasons for recall根據香港食物安全中心發出的新聞公報,該中心檢出上述鹹酸菜樣本含百萬分之二百四十的二氧化硫,超出香港法例標準的百萬分之一百,而該中心指令有關商戶將受影響批次產品停售及下架。
The Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety (CFS) announced that the above preserved leaf mustard sample contained sulphur dioxide at a level of 240 ppm, exceeding the Hong Kong’s legal limit of 100 ppm. The Hong Kong CFS has instructed the vendors to stop sale and remove the affected batch of product from shelves.
Advice to Trade/ Consumer1. 請採取所需行動,以確保出售的所有食品適宜供人食用。
2. 不要出售或使用上述食品。                               
3. 請瀏覽有關網頁,以便取得最新的資訊。
4. 如有任何查詢,請致電28338181與食品安全中心聯絡。 1. Please take necessary actions to ensure all products for sale are fit for human consumption.
2. Do not sell or use the above product.
3. Please visit the Food Safety Information website at for latest information. 
4. If there are any enquiries, please contact the Food Safety Centre via 28338181.
Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau
Food Safety Centre