Mizkan Euro Ltd 回收可能含異物的醃醬產品


資料來源Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI)

Please refer to the table below for details of the implicated batches. Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in stores supplied with the implicated batches. The ‘best before’ date is on the lid. No other batches are implicated.

Product Name: Pack sizes: Best before dates:
Branston Original Pickle 520g, 360g, 310g Jan 2022, Feb 2022
280g Jan 2022
Branston Small Cunk Pickle  520g Feb 2022, Mar 2022
360g Feb 2022
Branston Smooth Pickle 370g Jan 2022, Feb 2022
Branston Squeezy Smooth Pickle 355g Jan 2022

See above.

生產商/分銷商Mizkan Euro Ltd
回收原因Mizkan Euro Ltd is recalling some batches of four Branston Pickle products due to the possible presence of pieces of plastic.