Nestlé 回收可能含異物的零食產品


資料來源Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

Nestlé is conducting a recall of some batches of

l   Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Passionfruit 94g

l   Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Rainbow Berry 94g

l   Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Rainbow Fruit Salad

l   Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Funprints Strawberry


Country of origin



Date markings

Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Passionfruit 

Best before 01 JUL 2020, 93383607

Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Rainbow Berry 02 JUL 2020, 93393607
Best before 06 JUL 2020, Batch Code 93433607
Best before 07 JUL 2020, Batch Code 93443607

Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Rainbow Fruit Salad 

Best before 29 JUN 2020, Batch Code 93363607
Best before 30 JUN 2020, Batch Code 93373607
Best before 01 JUL 2020, Batch Code 93383607
Best before 13 JUL 2020, Batch Code 93503607

Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups Funprints Strawberry 

Best before 08 JUL 2020, Batch Code 93453607
Best before 09 JUL 2020, Batch Code 93463607
Best before 14 JUL 2020, Batch Code 93513607

回收原因The Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups products being recalled may contain small metal fragments, which may cause illness/injury if consumed. Some products are being recalled because an ingredient supplier has advised Nestlé that equipment failure in their facility has led to the possible presence of small metal fragments in an ingredient supplied to Nestlé used to manufacture the products.