You Chang Trading, Inc. 回收未經完善查檢的魚柳產品


資料來源U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)'s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)

The frozen, raw Siluriformes fish filet items labeled as Tilapia were produced between Nov. 13, 2018 and Jan. 5, 2019. The following products are subject to recall: View labels (PDF only)

22-lb. white cardboard boxes containing “CONWAY TILAPIA FILLETS PRODUCT OF HONGKONG” and lot codes 20181113, 20181203, or 20190105 and sell by dates of 11/16/2020, 12/03/2020, or 01/05/2021 represented on the label.

See above.

生產商/分銷商You Chang Trading, Inc., a Brooklyn, N.Y. establishment
回收原因You Chang Trading, Inc., a Brooklyn, N.Y. establishment, is recalling an undetermined amount of raw Siluriformes fish filet products labeled as Tilapia that were not presented for FSIS import re-inspection. The problem was discovered by FSIS during routine surveillance.